It is a dance sport for Grandmothers, mothers, daughters and grand-daughters from ages 3 to 73. Physie, as it is more commonly known as, empowers girls and women through the joy of dance and the power of belonging. Physie incorporates modern dance, exercises, simplified ballet & aerobic warm up. Physie is great for self esteem, strength, fitness, flexibility, posture & coordination.The training that girls receive in Physie crosses over into their school life, giving them focus and ability to achieve their goals. Physie's consistent emphasis on teamwork and self-motivation also sees students achieve greater academic results and better social skills .
About Us
The club offers classes in Wynnum, Manly, Thorneside and Capalaba. We provide classes for girls from 3 years through to Ladies. At Wynnum Manly Physie we provide a fun and friendly atmosphere where girls of all ages and skill levels can participate and learn the fundamentals of physie.

Physie is a unique dance sport, with both team and individual competitions available to those who like the challenge of competitions. A lot of our members participate as the performances are a great way to show off all their hard work, build confidence and meet new friends.

Competitions not for you? We provide lots of other opportunities to show off skills and meet new friends. We participate in many other events, such as school fetes, club day, and of course, our annual exciting club showcase.

Some frequently asked questions.

How many times a week do you go to class?.

You can attend one or two classes a week

Q: Why is physie so affordable?

Physie is different to other dance schools. Physie is done in bare feet and no expensive costumes to buy. The only costume needed is a leotard. Physie is an affordable way to learn to dance with a touch of glamour and a lot of fun!

Q: Do you have to compete in competitions?

No, the competitions are completely optional, though they are a great way to build confidence and meet other Physie girls from all over Australia! It's a wonderful experience designed to encourage girls to become comfortable performing in a safe, positive environment.

Q: What sort of competitions are there?

There are two types of BJP Physie competitions. The first is team-based with 8 girls or ladies in one team performing routines together and the second is called Champion Girl, where girls pursue their individual goals. There are various competitions throughout the year, with club, interclub, state and national competitions.

Q: What do you wear for competitions?

Girls are only required to wear a BJP Leotard. Fishnet tights are optional and no dance shoes are required.

Q: What about tan, hair and makeup?

Fake tan is banned for girls under 15's and discouraged above 15 years. There are strict makeup rules for under 15's but not for adults. Hair is to be kept simple, stylish and feminine.

Wynnum Manly Physie has a group of fantastic and supportive teachers who teach the girls physie skills, confidence and help guide them to achieve their goals.


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